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How To Prepare A Healthy Menu
For Your Family

We all know that most of our habits are formed in childhood. So it's vitally important that you consider what you are feeding your children so that in later life they will stay healthy and won't become yet another couch potato, our nutritional requirements vary as we grow. Everyone needs a good mix of vitamins and nutrients but even the levels of these change as we move through our various growth stages from toddler, infant, child through to teenager and adult.

Making sure that your children eat a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of variety is essential.

Childhood obesity is becoming a growing concern in America and other parts of the western world. Yet becoming more "civilized" doesn't mean that we have to accept that our children will grow up to be fat and unhealthy.

Physical exercise is also needed, but nowadays instead of walking or cycling to school, many of our children will be driven there. So this is a factor to consider as well.

When you start to plan a healthy menu for your children, it should include the following:

Your children should like what they are eating. It's no good producing an excellent, all round, balanced meal if your children will turn their nose up at it.

Make sure there is plenty of protein in the diet. Depending on whether you and your children are following a vegetarian diet or a more traditional one, you will need to include protein sources. Make sure these are varied throughout your week's menu. Don't expect your children to live on (for instance) chicken alone. For a start, it will get boring. Secondly, the trace elements won't all be present.

Fruit and vegetables are a necessary part of a balanced diet. But many children don't like eating them. Consider putting vegetables in the blender before you make a soup or a sauce. Smoothies can add variety to the fruit your children eat, although this can have drawbacks in terms of the amount of calories that are consumed and the lack of fiber.

Oily fish is highly recommended as it contains essential fatty acids. Make sure that fish is a regular part of your family's diet. Anything from a tuna bake through to poached salmon. Canned fish can help make a quick and handy lunchtime meal.

Finally, don't make it one rule for your family and another for yourself. You need to keep yourself healthy as well as your children.

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